Monthly Archives: May 2012

Downloading iPhone text messages to your computer

I’m working on a program to analyze text messages for sentiment, as well as other features of how communication occurs. In the course of this, I’ve been playing around with a way to get text messages off the iPhone and into a data format that’s more directly usable.

Cancer in the news

People are afraid of cancer.  I don’t think this will come as a surprise to anyone, but what might come as a surprise is that our fears often make our health worse.  I’m not referring to some fear induces poor health concept.  Rather, our fear leads to health decisions that are not rational.

Hello world!

I’m your friendly host Andrew.  Currently I’m a graduate student at New York University in the computational biology department.  That illustrious title means that I spend a great deal of time fighting with large computers, generally with an aim towards understanding cancer. When I’m not modeling cancer, I work on some fun side projects in math, science, […]