Gender differences, Twitter and Videogames

I was recently introduced to Tweet-o-Life via the quite amazing Nathan Yau over at Flowing Data.  The Tweet-o-Life project was a study by Amaç Herdağdelen and Marco Baroni of habits on Twitter.  They looked at millions of tweets to identify behaviors of two kinds, ones based on gender and ones based on time of day.  They’ve since made their data and analysis tools freely available on the web.

I’ve spent several hours on the site playing with different queries.  Along the way I became fascinated with gender differences in videogames.  Here’s some of my more interesting findings.

First off, we see not all….

… games systems are equal in the eyes of the genders.  80% of tweets including the word ‘xbox’ are written by men, but only 30% that include ‘wii fit.’  In the spirit of full disclosure, I own wii fit.  It’s awesome.

We can break this out a little more.  The data at tweet-o-life is organized so you can also find associated words by gender.  Sticking with the videogame theme, let’s check on the gendered usage of ‘xbox’ and ‘wii’.


Reading over these makes me chuckle.  It’s certainly not Earth shattering news that videogames are marketed differently to men and women.  But to see the different uses (or at least how men and women talk about their use) is interesting to me.

One more fun tidbit, wii users appear to get better sleep:


I encourage you to go check out tweet-o-life.  It’s incredibly simple to use, and can lead to all sorts of fun discoveries.

If you’re interested in analysis of text and communication, you should checkout my series on text message analysis.

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