Monthly Archives: July 2012

Data mining OKCupid

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about natural language processing lately.  This started with my series on text message analysis and looking at gender specific twitter usage.  Lately I’ve been pointed at the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), a library in python, to make this analysis more robust.  I want to apply this toolkit on a […]

Arsenic based life and very fast neutrinos

I was amused to see a report over at The Bunsen Burner which summarized a couple of papers attacking the NASA’s arsenic-incorporating-life results.  Let me summarize, just in case you missed the arsenic hubbub in December of 2010.  NASA’s astrobiology division published in Science about an amazing microorganism living in Mono Lake, California that could tolerate […]

An explanation of the Higgs Boson with cartoons

Over the past 48 hours, my twitter and Google News feeds have been filled with nothing but the Higgs Boson.  Seriously awesome stuff.  But why is it awesome?  Here’s my favorite primer on Higgs and the experiment behind its discovery.

Cancer in the news

I was cruising through my morning news update on research and clinical trials (yup, I’m a nerd). There were several tidbits about cancer with a more general interest. Thought I’d share and give my perspectives.